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Our motto at Memorial is Academics, Faith, and Community.

It's a charge that we take seriously, and we aim to live it out each and every day.



With a rigorous approach and a focus on the classical aspects of education, Memorial gives each student a thorough and all encompassing academic experience. We believe that learning is not a chore, but an extremely enjoyable and enlightening experience. Our forward thinking approach to technology as a teaching aid while still focusing on the fundamentals allows our students to develop the very foundations on which their entire academic career will grow upon. Our alumni have gone on to do some truly wonderful things, and we look forward to seeing what the Wildcats will continue to accomplish in the future. 



While Memorial is an academic institution, we understand the importance of providing a firm spiritual foundation for our students. Each day at Memorial begins with a school wide prayer, and a small portion of class time is dedicated to biblically sound lessons and exercises. 

While Memorial Baptist proudly exists as a Christian school, we enthusiastically and sincerely welcome students and families from many different faiths and walks of life. We strive and succeed in providing a welcoming atmosphere for all, regardless of personal or spiritual beliefs. 


The concept of community far too often takes a back seat in our fast paced, modern lives. However, Memorial sets itself apart by making it a point to provide our students and families with as many opportunities as possible to come together as a community. Whether it be our Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas pageant, annual Spring Fish Fry, sports programs, Summer Camp, or countless other events, we want to provide an authentic place for community gatherings. A strong, trusting community can grow, achieve, and succeed together! 

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