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To register your child for enrollment at Memorial, click the link below.
Please contact us if you need clarification or have any questions; we're always happy to help!

The Early Learning Center at Memorial Baptist ensures a caring and nurturing environment for your young ones. We aim to provide the best facilities to our families along with a positive, wholesome atmosphere.

Registration for our Early Learning Center is NOW OPEN. 

Memorial Baptist's Elementary School has grown by leaps and bounds. With a dedicated, professional staff, our kids receive a first class education, with a strong focus on the foundations of literacy, mathematics, and science.

Registration for the next school year is NOW OPEN.

Screenshot 2023-01-03 3.01.26 PM.png

Our Middle School continues to grow with each passing year. Our brand new Middle School building, classrooms, and gymnasium have dramatically improved our physical capacity and technological capabilities.

Registration for the next school year is NOW OPEN.

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