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Our Middle School has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. The new gymnasium, larger classrooms, and technology driven curriculum fulfills our main goal: that our students receive the best possible educational experience in a loving and supportive atmosphere. It's worth noting that Memorial's Middle Schoolers have the benefit of a robust sports program, with a variety of activities to stay active and engaged. Additionally, our new science lab and technologically focused classrooms ensures that our students always have an academic competitive edge. 




  • The Literature program at MBS provides students with a rigorous, but meaningful exposure to the greatest works of writing that our culture has produced through a classically oriented curriculum. Our Middle School students read one book each 9 week grading period, which comes to four books read in total throughout the school year. With consistent practice, our students become oriented with the basic tenets of literature required to develop an advanced understanding of the written word. While our raeding curriculum changes on a yearly basis, examples of past readings can give one a better understanding of what works of literature our students are exposed to throughout the year. 

    • Treasure Island​

    • Animal Farm

    • The Great Gatsby

    • The Hobbit

    • The Giver

    • The Three Musketeers

    • The Call Of The Wild

    • Where The Red Fern Grows

    • And many more!


  • ​Social Studies exists as the foundation to understanding any society or civilization. At Memorial, we place great emphasis on the humanities and the incredible benefits that can come from their study. By introducing our students to the complicated nature of people and our equally complex past, we teach the m to not only understand their own culture and that of others, but also how to become better overall citizens. Our students learn about a wide array of concepts, people, and events, which shapes them into well rounded and articulate on a historical and social level.

  • Memorial offers the following Social Studies courses in Middle School:​​

    • World Civilizations (6th Grade)​

    • US History/Civics (7th Grade)

    • Louisiana History (8th Grade)


  • Our Science program continues to grow beyond expectations. With the completion of our Middle School building, our students now have access to not only an individual oriented classroom, but also a first rate science lab. Our students have the unique opportunity to conduct hands on experiments that bring each lesson to life in a tangible, meaningful way. From learning how to utilize a state of the art 3D printer, to hands on dissecting in the lab, our students go through a fully immersive experience in learning the fundamentals of scientific experimentation. It is through our uniquely advanced curriculum that our students begin utilizing theoretical knowledge in tangible, real life scenarios.

  • Our Middle School offers the following Science courses:

    • Earth Science (6th Grade)​

    • Biology (7th Grade)

    • Physical Science (8th Grade)

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