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Here at Memorial, we believe in a creative but rigorous learning process. We understand that our students will grow up to be the next generation of leaders for our community, nation, and world. This begins with the fundamentals of academics. With a mixture of classical education and forward thinking curriculums in the sciences, Memorial's students are well equipped to undertake the next steps of their educational journeys. 


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Memorial Baptist Early Learning Center is dedicated to providing children with a quality education from a Christian perspective. In keeping with this tradition, our foundation for academic excellence and Christian character training is achieved by following the A Beka curriculum...

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The mission of Memorial Baptist School is to provide a high quality, comprehensive academic program in a loving Christian environment. The school is dedicated to the belief that young people need both strong educational and spiritual guidance to grow into adults who will be the next generation of leaders in our community...

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Our Middle School has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. The new gymnasium, larger classrooms, and technology driven curriculum fulfills our main goal: that our students receive the best possible educational experience in a loving and supportive atmosphere...

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